Yonex ASTROZ 77 vs Duora 10: Which Racquet is better?

The choice of the racket is always varied to the player. Everyone has a different mindset, different techniques to play the game. Badminton choice also depends on the player. If he/she plays in attacking mode then he/she might prefer according to his/her game and if the player plays in defending mode then he/she chose accordingly. Players can choose either heavy or lightweight badminton according to their game. Both the badminton Yonex and Duora are the top-rated badminton in the market and Both racquets have their own uniqueness.

Yonex ASTROZ 77:

If we compare with Yonex ASTROZ 77 to Duora 10 then it has a light weighted racket. Its weight is 83 (4U) to 88 (3U) gm. This racket has available with the grip size of G4 and G5. This racket head is made with H.M. Graphite + Nanomatric + Tungsten. Yonex astoz racket contains medium flex. Due to which it has a heavy head. The shaft of this racket is made with H.M. Graphite + Named. The maximum retail price of this racket is around 17900. Yonex Astros has a high string potential with 4U 20-28 lbs, 3U 21-29 lbs. Yonex Astros is the best and budget-friendly racket. This racket comes with a heavy head and It allows you to get good power for your smashes. These rackets are generally preferred by attacking players.

Duora 10:

Duora 10 is a balanced racket; it can perform very well in both singles and double. It also gives good enough power on smashes. This racket is an all-rounder racket. Duora 10 has contained the racket weight in between 88 to 93 gm. It has a good grip which helps the player in the short incorrect direction. Duora 10 frame has made with H.M. Graphite, Nanometricdr, Ni-Ti fiber. It is great to look wise. It is available with a stiff flex. Its shaft is made by H.M. Graphite and nanometric. Duora 10 has a high string potential with 3U 16-26 lbs, 2U 20-27 lbs. These rackets have an even distribution of weight throughout the racket thus allowing you to get both power and control. You can hit good smashes and slick drop shots with its help.

Well, it is completely based on which one suits you the most or which one the player chooses for their game. If you are an intermediate player with either of the two-game styles then you can go for any one of them. Well if you are looking for a best badminton racket for yourself then you much check out the link given.

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